Computer Crime and Safety Measure.

Cyber Crime refers to all the activities  done with criminal intent in cyberspace or using the medium

of internet.These could be either the criminal activities in the conventional sense or activities ,newly 
evolved with the growth of the new medium.The modern thief can steal more with a computer than
with a gun.Tomorrow”s terrorist may be able to do more damage with a keyboard than with a bomb.
**Cyber crime and safety measure**
It is pertinent to mention that ” computer crimes” refer to all crimes done through ,involving or 
impacting any computer,computer system or computer network.There is a large area of overlap 
between” computer crimes ” and ” cyber crimes ” .As such, a lot of people use both terms “computer
crimes ” and ” cyber crimes ” interchangeably.
The real power of today”s internet is that is available to anyone with a computer and a telephone line.
Internet places is an individuals” hands the power of information and communication.It is very power  which is being misused by devious minds for criminal purposes,thereby leading to the growth 
of cyber crime.Cyber crimes constitute one of the most important challenges facing cyberspace today.
When Internet was developed, the founding father of the internet hardly had an idea that internet could also be misused for criminal activities.Today, there are many disturbing things happening in 

Categories of Cyber Crimes:

-Cyber Crimes Against Persons,

-Cyber Crime Against Property,

-Cyber Crime Against Government,


Cyber Crimes Against Persons:

Cyber crimes committed against persons include various crimes like transmissions of child porn-
ography ,harassment, of any one with use of a computer and cyber stalking.The trafficking ,distributing ,posting, and dissemination of obscene material including pornography ,indecent 
exposure,and child pornography,constitutes one of the most important cyber crimes known today.
The potential harm of such a crime to humanity can hardly be overstated.This is one cyber crime,
which threatens to undermine the growth of the younger generation and also have irreparable scars
on the minds of the younger generation, if not controlled.

Similarly ,cyber harassment is a distinct cyber crime.Various kinds of  harassment can and do occur
in cyberspace,or through the use of cyberspace .Harassment can be sexual ,racial, religious,or of any
other nature.

Cyber Crimes Against Property:

These crimes includes unauthorized computer trespassing through cyberspace ,computer vandalism,
and transmission  of harmful programs and unauthorized possession of computerized information.

Cyber Crimes Against Government:

Cyber Terrorism is one distinct kind of crime in this category.The growth of internet shown that 
the medium of cyberspace is being used by individuals and groups of threaten international gover-
nments as also to terrorize the citizens of a country.This crime manifests itself into cyber Terrorism
when an individual ” cracks” into a government or military maintained website, for the purpose of perpetuating terror.


Cyber Law:

“The modern thief can steal more with a computer than
with a gun.Tomorrow”s terrorist may be able to do more damage with a keyboard than with a bomb”
National  Research Council ,USA ” Computers at risk “,1991.

Cyber Law is the law governing cyber space.Cyber space is a very wide term and includes computers, networks,software,data storage,devices ( such as hard disk, USB disk etc.),the internet
,websites,emails, and even electronic devices such as cell phones ,ATM machine etc.

Cyber Law encompasses laws relating to:

-Cyber Crimes

-Electronic and digital signature

-Intellectual Property

-Data Protection and Privacy

Cyber law is the term used to describe laws intended to regulate activities over the internet or via 
the use of electronic data communications. Cyber law encompasses of large or wide variety of 
legal and political issues related to the internet and other communication technologies , including
intellectual property, privacy, freedom of expression, and jurisdiction.
The intersection of technology and law is often controversial .Some feel that the internet should not 
( or possibly cannot)  be regulated in any form.Furthermore, the development of sophisticated tech-
nologies ,such as encryption and cryptography ,make traditional forms of regulation extremely difficult. Finally, the fundamental end -to-end nature of the internet means that if one mode of 
communication is regulated or shut down , another method will be devised and spring up in its 
Cyber law is the new phenomenon, having emerged after the onset of the internet .AS we know 
the internet grew in a relatively unplanned and unregulated manner.Even the early pioneer of the
internet could not  have anticipated the scope and far reaching consequences of the cyberspace 
of today and tomorrow. Although major legal disputes related to cyber activities certainly arose
in early 1990s ,it was not until 1996 and 1997 that an actual body of law began to emerge.The area
clearly in its infancy , remains largely unsettled .The debate continues regarding the applicability
of analogous legal principles derived from prior controversies that had nothing to do with cyberspace.

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