Notice regarding the Fifteenth Annual General Meeting

Swarojgar Laghuvitta Financial Institution Limited
Swarojgar Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited is a “D” category licensed organization from Nepal Rashtra Bank
Head Office Banepa-5, Kavrepalanchowk
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Dear Shareholders,
Notice of Fifteenth Annual General Meeting
(Date of first publication of notice: 2080/11/03)
According to the decision of the 264th meeting of the Board of Directors held on Wednesday 2080/11/02 of Swarojgar Lagubitta Financial Institution Limited, the fifteenth annual general meeting of this financial institution will be held to discuss the following matters on the following date, time and place, as Section 67(2) of the Companies Act, 2063 Accordingly, this notice has been published for the information of all shareholders.
Date :- Saturday 26th Falgun 2080 (corresponding to 09th March, 2024 AD)
Time: 11:30 a.m
Location :- Nepal House, Hattisar, Kathmandu.
Discussion topics
a. General offers
1) To discuss and approve the annual report of the financial year 2079 / 080 presented by the chairman on behalf of the board of directors.
2) Balance sheet up to the end of 2080 Ashadh along with the auditor’s report, ending on the same date. and 2079/080 profit and loss account, cash flow statement and related schedules to be discussed and passed.
3) According to section 111 of the Companies Act, 2063, according to the recommendations of the audit committee. Appointment of an auditor to audit the accounts of 2080/081 and determine his remuneration.
4) As proposed by the Board of Directors, the current paid-up capital is Rs.62,72,00,928/- to 0.3684% (to the nearest four decimal places) to pass cash dividend amount of Rs.23,10,740.26 (including for tax purposes of bonus shares).
b. Special offers
1) As proposed by the Board of Directors. and From the distributable profits up to 2079 / 080, the current paid-up capital of the financial institution is Rs. 62,72,00,928/- at the rate of 7% to pass the proposal to issue bonus shares worth Rs.4,39,04,065/-.
2) In relation to further public offering to the general public.
3) Since the issue and paid-up capital of the financial institution will increase after the issuance of bonus shares and further public offering to the general public, increase the issued and paid-up capital of the financial institution and amend the memorandum accordingly.
4) To increase the meeting allowance of the chairman and directors and to amend the rules of the financial institution accordingly.
5) Add Clause (c) to Section 5 of the Memorandum of Association and amend the Memorandum accordingly.
6) This financial institution should merge or acquire any one or more suitable microfinance financial institutions with other licenses,Signing the Memorandum of Understanding, submitting an application to Nepal Rastra Bank for in-principle approval based on it, valuation report of assets and liabilitiesAppointing consultants, appraisers and auditors to prepare (Due Diligence Audit Report) and completing all the necessary work and procedures to be adopted and to be done in accordance with prevailing laws and instructions related to merger/amalgamation and acquisition. Regarding the delegation of authority to the board of directors to take the final approval, implement it after the final approval and provide the details as directed by the regulatory bodies in that regard.
(7) In relation to additions and amendments made to articles and regulations of the financial institution, if there is a suggestion or instruction from the regulatory body to amend or revise or change, to give full authority to the board of directors to make necessary changes, amendments or changes accordingly.
c. various
By order of the Board of Directors
Company Secretary
More information regarding the Fifteenth Annual General MeetingFor the purpose of the fifteenth annual general meeting, the filing and cancellation of shares of this financial institution will be closed on 2080/11/13. Also, within the specified time, the transaction has been done in Nepal Stock Exchange Limited up to 2080/11/10Only the shareholders whose names are registered in the share register of this financial institution at the share registrar Shri NMB Capital Limited, Baluwatar, Kathmandu will be eligible for the general meeting and bonus shares.
2) When coming to participate in the Annual General Meeting, it is requested that you bring the beneficiary ID number / share certificate or citizenship or other documents with the opened beneficiary account. If representing from an organization, the official letter of the related organization must be submitted.The report of the fifteenth annual general meeting will be sent to the address of the shareholders by post / courier or by any other means. Shareholders who are unable to receive the above report due to any reason can also view it on the financial institution’s website addition, the central office of the financial institution Banepa-5 Kavrepalanchok or the office of the share registrar of the financial institution NMB Capital Limited, Waluwatar, Kathmandu and on the day of the meeting can also be obtained from the venue of the meeting.
4) Shareholders who wish to appoint a representative (proxy) to participate in the Annual General Meeting must register the proxy form at least 48 hours before the General Meeting at Banepa-5, Kavrepalanchok, Central Office of the financial institution. In this way, the person appointed as a representative must also be a shareholder of the financial institution. The proxy form should be given only to the shareholders of your group.
5) If the shareholder who has appointed a representative attends and signs the attendance book himself, even if the proxy has been given, such proxy will automatically be invalidated.
6) Guardians on behalf of minor or mentally retarded shareholders will be allowed to participate in the meeting, discuss, appoint representatives and vote. Only the person whose name is mentioned as a custodian in the shareholder’s register will be recognized as a custodian.
7) Every shareholder and dignitary participating in the general meeting must sign the attendance book at the place where the meeting is held. Shareholder attendance book will be open from 10:30 am onwards.
8) It is requested that financial institutions will not be able to make any other kind of expenses, including expenses incurred while attending the Annual General Meeting.
9) On behalf of the board of directors, the chairman or a person authorized by him can answer the questions, inquiries or opinions raised by the shareholders.
10) If any shareholders have any questions regarding the financial institution, we request them to send such questions in writing to the central office of the financial institution 7 days before the meeting. But it will not be included as a proposal to be discussed and passed.
11) Please contact the central office of this financial institution if you need any additional information

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