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Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance Company Limited
“Surakshan” Bhawan, Bhagawati Marg, Naxal
P.O. Box: 12211, Kathmandu, Nepal, Tel.: 4512367, Fax: 4512378
According to Section 5 (3) of the Right to Information Act 2064 and Rule 3 of the Right to Information Regulations 2065, the details made public regarding Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance Company:
Period of publication of details till 09/29/2080
1. Form and nature of the entity: Non-life insurance company established in accordance with the Companies Act 2063 and operated in accordance with the Insurance Act 2079. 2. Duties and powers of the agency: To work in accordance with the objectives of the Companies Act 2063, Insurance Act 2079, Securities Act 2063, existing laws, rules and guidelines.
3. Number of employees in the organization and job description: This Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance Company Ltd. (Saliko) has 655 employees till the year 2050 Paush 29. By forming different departments, the work assigned by the company is being done through employees working in different positions.
4. Services provided by the agency: All insurance services that can be provided by non-life insurance companies according to the Insurance Act 2049. 5. Branches and responsible officers of service providers: Services are provided from 112 branches, sub-branches and extension counter offices, including the company’s head office. Branch heads have been given responsibility and the responsible officers of their branches have been appointed. Details of service providing branches and responsible officers are available on the company’s website
6. Fees and period required to provide the service: Insurance fee is charged according to the insurance rate specified by the insurance committee and in the case of others based on risk analysis. Payment will be made within 35 days from the date of receipt of required documents from the insured to complete the claim payment process.
7. Decision-making process and authorities: Regarding insurance transactions, a process has been arranged for officials at different levels to make decisions according to their responsibilities. In the case of a special decision, the chief executive officer of the company and the board of directors of the company will make the matter according to the nature of the matter.
8. Complaint Hearing Officer: At present, Chief Executive Officer of the Head Office is assigned to hear customer complaints and file complaints.
9. Details of work carried out: All the transactions that can be done by the non-life insurance company are being carried out according to the Insurance Act 2079, Insurance Regulations 2049 and the guidelines and circulars issued by the Insurance Committee.10. Name of Office Head and Information Officer: Office Head Mr. Chunki Chhetri, Chief Executive Officer Phone No. 01- 4512367 and Information Officer Mr. Bishwa Nath Adhikari, phone no. 01 4511707 Extension no. 402.

In addition, in the branch and sub-branch offices of this company, it has been arranged that the heads of the respective branches and sub-branches act as information officers in the case of the concerns of the respective branches and sub-branches.
11. List of Acts, Rules, Regulations or Guidelines: Insurance Act 2079 Companies Act 2063, Securities Act 2063, Purchase of Securities(Public Issuance) Regulations 2073, Civil Civil (Code) Act 2074 Part 5 Provisions relating to Contracts and Other Obligations, Assets Refinement (Money Laundering) Prevention (Second Amendment) Act 2070, Assets Refinement (Money Laundering) Prevention Regulations 2073, Income Tax Act 2058, Labor Act 2074, Bonus Act 2030, Value Added Tax Act 2052, rules, regulations, Insurers’ Institutional Governance Guidelines 2075, Asset Laundering and Financial Investment Guidelines 2075 and guidelines issued by regulatory agencies.
12. Updated details of income, expenses and financial transactions: Insurance fee of Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance Company up to 2080 / 09 / 29 in the second quarter of 2080/081 is Rs. 2 billion 34 crore 82 lakh 86 thousand 817.Quarterly details of total claim payment and overall financial transactions are being published in national level newspapers. Also, the website of this company is also kept at
13. No other details as specified.
14. If the agency has conducted any program or project in the previous financial category, details of it: annual general meeting, refresher training for employees and training of agents, branches and sub-branches in different provinces. Annual Progress Review of 2072/080 and 2080/081A conference was conducted regarding setting the target. A.W. The 26th general meeting of Savik Sagarmatha Insurance Company of 2078 / 079 and the 18th general meeting of Savik Lumbini General Insurance Company were held on 2079 / 11 / 11 The notice of the basic training of the agent has been published on different dates and accordingly the information related to the completion of the basic training of the insurance agent has also been published on the company’s website
15. Details of the agency’s website:
16. There is no information regarding foreign assistance, loans, grants, technical assistance and agreements received by the agency. 17. Programs conducted by public bodies and their reports: Annual reports, published quarterly financial statements are also placed on the company’s website.Also, the company conducted insurance agent training in Itahari from 2080/08/12 to 15th and the related information was published in Karowar Rashtriya Daily on 2080/07/24. In addition, the company conducted in-house training related to capacity building of employees on 18/06/19 and 2060/06/19 at Dnyaneshwar, Kathmandu, on 26th and 27th of November at Itahari, on 9th and 10th of Paush at Bardiya and on 27th and 28th of Paush at Butwal.18. Details of requests for information submitted to public bodies and the information given on them: None. 19. Details of other information published or published by the body: Details according to Securities Registration and Issuance Regulations 2073.A.W. A.W. Fourth quarter statement of 2072/080 dated 2080/04/31 in Karowar Rashtriya Daily, first quarter statement of 2080/081 dated 2080/07/26 in Karowar Rashtriya Daily. The second quarterly statement of 2050/081 has been published in Karowar Rashtriya Dainik dated 2080/10/29. A.W. Notice regarding the right to notice for the fourth quarter of 2079/080 in the Karowar Rashtriya Dainik dated 2080 / 04 / 31, A.W. Regarding the right to notice of 2079 / 080, the notice of the fourth quarter of the second quarter of 2080 / 081 in Karowar Rashtriya Dainik dated 31 / 04 / 2080The notice has been published today in Karowar Rashtriya Daily dated 2080/11/03. The notice regarding the registration of the list was published in Karowar National Daily on 02/01/2080. The notice regarding the staff requirement was published on the company’s website and social media on Shravan 11, November 8 and January 8, 2080.
In addition, the notification of the basic training of agents has been published in Karowar Rashtriya Daily dated 07/24/2080. The above-mentioned information has also been published on the company’s website

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